Trapezoidal Sheet

Tas Certificados Calidad

Product specifications

Self-supporting roofing metallic sheet manufactured on benders machines which allow the full adaption to any measure given by any manufacturer.

This solution is recommended for rehabilitation works carried out on roofings where it is required to replace a certain quantity of sheets in a rapid and easy way.

At TAS we can manufacture metallic sheets up to 8 meters long with a thickness from 0.6mm to 2mm.

Technical specifications


  • DX-51D steel as per UNE-EN 10142
  • Aluminium EN 15088
  • Galvanized EN 10142
  • Galvanized-Precoated EN 10169
  • Oven lacquered EN 12206


Minimum lenght 1,250 mm.
Maximum lenght 8,000 mm.
Thickness 0.6-2 mm.
Características Técnicas
- Materiales
  • Acero DX51D EN 10142
  • Galvanizado EN 10142
  • Galvanizado-Prelacado EN 10169
  • Aluminio EN 15088
- Medidas
Largo Mínimo:
Largo Máximo:
Ancho y Espesor Estándar:
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