Sandwich Panel Roof Tile

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Product specifications

The sandwich panel roof tile is formed by an outer sheet shaped as the classic tile roof, providing to the panel an extraordinay aesthetic. Its urbanistic design makes it ideal to be used in residential areas or rural private properties.

It can be installed merely as the only roofing or above any surface to give the final finish and provide isolation.

At TAS, you can also find a complete range of accesories and flashings for the instalation of the roof tile panel to achieve the better finish.

Technical specifications


  • Galvanized-Precoated EN 10169
  • Available colours for outer sheet:
  • Red- RAL 8004
  • Roman tile imitation
  • Slate - RAL 7022
  • Available colours for inner sheet:
  • Standar colours
  • Wood finish


Minimum lenght 2,100 mm.
Maximum lenght 9,800 mm.
Useful width 1,000 mm.
Thickness 20/30/40 mm.
Características Técnicas
- Materiales
  • Galvanizado-Prelacado EN 10169
  • Colores disponibles para exterior:
    • Albero envejecido
    • Rojo Teja
    • Pizarra
  • Colores disponibles para interior
    • Colores estándar
    • Terminación madera
- Medidas
Largo Mínimo:
Largo Máximo:
Ancho y Espesor Estándar:

Technical documentation


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