Wall Ventilation grill

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Product specifications

The wall ventilation grill enables the renovation of air inside the facilities, regardless whether it is made of concrete, sandwich panel or any other material. It works along with a ventilation system installed on the highest part of the building. At TAS, we can manufacture large wall ventilation grills for special projects with special needs.

The wall ventilation grill can be manufactured in a wide range of materials such as galvanised steel, pre-coated steel, pre-coated aluminium or Cor-Ten steel.

It can be built with indoor or outdoor frame and this ventilation solution is made bespoke. Thus, we can adjust to the dimensions of your project in terms of the widht of the wall, the height up to 1.500 mm and the lenght up to 3.000 mm.

The wall ventilation grill made by TAS is a solution designed for high volume facilities where it is necessary to have a powerful ventilation circuit.

Mounted ventilation grill

The ventilation grill is supplied mounted, hence, it facilitates inmensely the work to be done at construction site. It saves labours' cost and increases safety.

wall ventilation grill

Technical specifications


  • DX-51D steel as per UNE-EN 10142
  • Aluminium EN 15088
  • Galvanized EN 10142
  • Galvanized-Precoated EN 10169


Lenght de 500 mm. a 3,000 mm.
High de 500 mm. a 1,500 mm.
Width 35/40/50/60 mm.
Thickness 0.6/0.8 mm.
* Check out the technical documentation to find out more on extraction capacity.
Características Técnicas
- Materiales
  • Acero tipo DX-51D acorde a normas UNE-EN 10142
  • Galvanizado EN 10142
  • Galvanizado y prelacado EN 10169
  • Aluminio EN 15088
  • Lacado al horno EN 12206
- Medidas
Largo Mínimo:
Largo Máximo:
Ancho y Espesor Estándar:

Technical documentation


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