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Cladding profile Cabrera

The cladding profile Cabrera belongs to the range of architectural profiles designed and manufactured by TAS. This profile offers a modernist appearance that is different from any other façade thanks to its asymmetrical geometry. Each profile contains more than 20 folds with a wide range of angles that make it a unique solution for cladding […]

Cladding profile Dragonera

The cladding profile Dragonera belongs to the range of architectural profiles designed by TAS. It is distinguished by its irregular geometry and numerous bendings that help to create a groundbreaking design. Characteristics of the cladding profile Dragonera The Dragonera façade profile is made up of three pieces or "scales" with various useful widths that are […]

Cladding profile Formentera

The cladding profile Formentera belongs to the range of architectural profiles designed by TAS. This profile not only stand outs for its singular design, but also because its perforations help to articulate a ventilation system letting the air through. The design of this ventilated profile also provides privacy, since it allows you to see from […]

Cladding profile Menorca

The cladding profile Menorca belongs to the range of architectural profiles designed by TAS. The profile Menorca is distinguished by the homogeinity of its geometry and its elegant aesthetic. Conceived for cladding of façades or false ceilings, it can be installed either vertically or horizontally and can be manufactured with perforations to achieve a unique […]

Cladding profile Mallorca

The cladding profile Mallorca belongs to the range of architectural profiles designed by TAS. The profile Mallorca stands out for its peaky finish and its different modulation options. Conceived for cladding of façades, it can be installed either vertically or horizontally and it can be manufactured perforated to achieve ventilated rainscreen façades. The Mallorca profile […]
Fachadas-Cassettes Arquitectónicos-TAS

Cladding Cassettes

The wide range of colours and endless modulate combinations make this product a striking feature on any outer wall. It is recommended to be used on the façade walls of buildings as metallic cladding. Its finish achieves a brilliant aesthetic. The cladding cassettes require an adjusted support or an adjustable framework.
bandejas de fachada

Cladding Trays

The cladding tray is the ideal solution to give character and personality to the facade of buildings or noble areas of industrial buildings, fitted either vertically or horizontally on metal sections.
chapa ibiza

Cladding profile Ibiza

The cladding profile Ibiza is used as a solution for façade cladding to achieve a modern and visual appearance. Its quick and easy installation makes it a highly sought-after option for new construction or rehabilitation projects. It can be installed in both a vertical and horizontal positions using a visible fixing system on a metal […]



Chimney Ventilation

Recommended for rectangular ventilation duct in residential or office areas. It is also used for brick chimney finishing. It is designed to work under the effect of the wind when a depression is created inside it (Venturi effect) generating the exit of air or gases. Custom manufacturing and anti-bird mesh mounted as standard available. Quick […]
Ventilación-Ventilación Dinámica-TAS

Motor driven aerator

The dynamic ventilation system is installed along the highest part of the building and its performance is based not only on the use of wind energy and the pressure difference but also on a motor which enables the air extraction required for the building in question to be achieved, regardless of the weather conditions. This […]

Wall Ventilation grill

The wall ventilation grill enables the renovation of air inside the facilities, regardless whether it is made of concrete, sandwich panel or any other material. It works along with a ventilation system installed on the highest part of the building. At TAS, we can manufacture large wall ventilation grills for special projects with special needs. […]

Industrial Wind Aerator

The industrial wind aerator is installed along the highest part of the builiding and its performance is based on the use of wind energy and in the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the facilities. The industrial wind aerator is manufactured in aluminium and its base can have a diameter of 400mm […]

Wind Aerator

The wind aireator is installed along the highest part of the builiding and its performance is based on the use of wind energy and in the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the facilities. It can be manufactured in three different finishes: galvanized steel, precoated steel and inox steel. There is a […]

Static Aerator

The TAS static aerator (AIR-TAS) is used to solve the ventilation of industrial warehouses since it allows creating an effective, economical and sustainable static ventilation system since its consumption and maintenance is zero. The AIR-TAS is fitted lineally along the highest part of the building, normally on the ridge, according to prescribed standards. It requires […]

Venturi Aerator

The Venturi aerator allows to generate a hybrid system between static ventilation and dynamic ventilation. This is due to it can be supplied with a built-in motor that facilitates greater air extraction, although it also performs this function when the motor is not running. Therefore, this is the best option for facilities that require an […]


Accesorios-Perfiles Frigoríficos-TAS

Cold Store Flashing

These profiles are utilized to finish the metallic enclosure of cold stores. At TAS offers a wide range of solutions with the possibility of supplying them with crushed edges: : Outer corners Internal angles U profiles Flat We also have other types of products such as the sanitary profile and the false ceiling omega.

Trapezoidal Sheet

Self-supporting roofing metallic sheet manufactured on benders machines which allow the full adaption to any measure given by any manufacturer. This solution is recommended for rehabilitation works carried out on roofings where it is required to replace a certain quantity of sheets in a rapid and easy way. At TAS we can manufacture metallic sheets […]

Die Cut Flashings

At TAS, we count on the possibility to adapt ourselves to any kind of die-cut flashing, including the finishing of sandwich panel instalation. We have accumulated an expertise in the manufacturing of frontal die-cut flashing for sandwich panel from more than 15 different brands as well as punched ridges to guarantee a perfect adjustment between […]

Conventional flashings

We are experts on cuting and bending metallic sheets in a wide range of different materials as per our customer's requirements. We can work: Hot rolling steel Galvanized steel Precoated steel Aluminium Zinc Inox steel Our concern for the finishes drives us to achieve any kind of solution. Some of the most demanded solutions are: […]

Sandwich Panels


Sandwich Panel Rock Wool

The TAS rock wool panel is a modern solution that allows to combine the traditional requirements in the enclosure of facilities with modern legislation in safety standards, and the increasingly demanding conditions of insurance companies. The different combinations possible in the characteristics of the metal faces (perforated, profiled, colors, material), as well as rock wool […]

Sandwich Panel PUR

The TAS sandwich panel is manufactured with two steel sheet and a polyurethane foam core which provide the maximum thermal resistance. TAS offers a wide range of sandwich panel depending on the requirements of every project: Roof Sandwich panel PUR: The concealed fastening system include a steel cramps 2mm thick with screws and a fastening […]

Sandwich Panel Roof Tile

The sandwich panel roof tile is formed by an outer sheet shaped as the classic tile roof, providing to the panel an extraordinay aesthetic. Its urbanistic design makes it ideal to be used in residential areas or rural private properties. It can be installed merely as the only roofing or above any surface to give […]



Other Accessories

At TAS you can find a range of complementary solutions detailed below: Swan neck: It is installed on the roof of buildings and is essential for ventilation and expulsion of gases while keeping roof's tightness. Omega profile: this solution can be installed both vertically and horizontally and allows bearing structures for façade systems or false […]

Sanitary Profiles

These profiles are used to enclose spaces where a high level of hygiene is necessary, as they help to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the angles formed by the walls. At TAS we offer the following solutions in this regard: Sanitary profile composed of a 25×25 aluminum angle and a 90 mm PVC concave […]


Skylights are an ideal solution to achieve natural lighting with zero maintenance and consumption costs. There is the option of supplying pyramidal or parabolic skylights with a wide range of solutions for the opening system. This opening system can be either by means of a crank, by electric opening, remote electric opening, and complete opening […]

Car Park

Manufacturing of metal profiles for car park structures. Both the central post and the truss are manufactured with two "C" profiles that are supplied unjoined (they must be welded afterwards). These car parks can be installed in shopping centers, companies or private properties.

Wall Fencing

A fencing system used to divide and separate off areas. TAS offers a large range of cladding tray and profiled or flat sheet, perforated or not in order to mark out a either a residential/commercial site or a construction in progress site. The variety of perforation and type of sheet (material, thickness, colour) allows to […]

Polycarbonate Panel

Solutions for translucent roofs and facades that facilitate the entry of natural light into the facilities, improving energy efficiency. The polycarbonate solutions offered by TAS are: Compact polycarbonate: The corrugated and trapezoidal compact polycarbonate sheets are protected from ultraviolet rays and can be used in complete covers or incorporated into any simple or double-skin metallic […]

Rain water Hopper Box and Spillway

As aditional elements for downpipes and accesories, to drain the rainwater there is also the possibility of manufacturing the following solutions: Rain water Hopper Box: rainwater collector including the link to a downpipe. These elements are a must to evacuate the rainwater from the roofing and walls to the ground. Spillway: Solution to relieve excess […]

Downpipes and Accesories

We manufacture all the necessary parts to drain rainwater from the roof to the ground, water filters and ducts, including braces and clamps, all of which are available in either galvanised steel or steel pre-coated to any of the many colours on the RAL chart . The downpipes to drain raiwater can be manufactured with […]
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