Cladding profile Cabrera

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Product specifications

This profile belongs to the range of architectural profiles designed and manufactured by TAS. This profile offers a modernist appearance that is different from any other façade thanks to its asymmetrical geometry. Each profile contains more than 20 folds with a wide range of angles that make it a unique solution for cladding facades on the market.

The Cabrera profile can be installed both horizontally and vertically and is installed on an adapted support.

Technical specifications


  • DX-51D steel as per UNE-EN 10142
  • Aluminium EN 15088
  • Galvanized EN 10142
  • Galvanized-Precoated EN 10169
  • Oven lacquered EN 12206


Minimum length 1,250 mm.
Maximum lenght 6,000 mm.
Useful width 958 mm mm.
Thickness 0.6-0.8 mm.
* Standard perforation options: (R3T5/R4T8)
Características Técnicas
- Materiales
  • Acero tipo DX51D EN 10142
  • Galvanizado EN 10142
  • Galvanizado-Prelacado EN 10169
  • Aluminio EN 15088
  • Lacado al horno EN 12206
- Medidas
Largo Mínimo:
1250 mm.
Largo Máximo:
6000 mm.
Ancho y Espesor Estándar:

Technical documentation


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