Wind Aerator

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Product specifications

The wind aireator is installed along the highest part of the builiding and its performance is based on the use of wind energy and in the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the facilities. It can be manufactured in three different finishes: galvanized steel, precoated steel and inox steel.

There is a variety of sizes available (width's base from 150mm to 350 mm) and types of bases (shed roofs, gable roofs, tile roof) to adapt to each project.

Technical specifications

  • DX-51D steel as per UNE-EN 10142
  • Galvanized EN 10142
  • Galvanized-Precoated EN 10169
  • Oven lacquered EN 12206


Model A Ø máx. B Height C Ø Neck Size Weight kg.
150 250 mm. 360 mm. 150 mm. 1.8
200 310 mm. 430 mm. 200 mm. 2.2
250 375 mm. 460 mm. 250 mm. 3.3
300 460 mm. 480 mm. 300 mm. 4.3
350 520 mm. 510 mm. 350 mm. 5
* Check out the technical documentation to find out more on extraction capacity.
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Technical documentation


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