Downpipes and Accesories

We manufacture all the necessary parts to drain rainwater from the roof to the ground, water filters and ducts, including braces and clamps, all of which are available in either galvanised steel or steel pre-coated to any of the many colours on the RAL chart . The downpipes to drain raiwater can be manufactured with […]

Rain water Hopper Box and Spillway

As aditional elements for downpipes and accesories, to drain the rainwater there is also the possibility of manufacturing the following solutions: Rain water Hopper Box: rainwater collector including the link to a downpipe. These elements are a must to evacuate the rainwater from the roofing and walls to the ground. Spillway: Solution to relieve excess […]

Polycarbonate Panel

Solutions for translucent roofs and facades that facilitate the entry of natural light into the facilities, improving energy efficiency. The polycarbonate solutions offered by TAS are: Compact polycarbonate: The corrugated and trapezoidal compact polycarbonate sheets are protected from ultraviolet rays and can be used in complete covers or incorporated into any simple or double-skin metallic […]

Wall Fencing

A fencing system used to divide and separate off areas. TAS offers a large range of cladding tray and profiled or flat sheet, perforated or not in order to mark out a either a residential/commercial site or a construction in progress site. The variety of perforation and type of sheet (material, thickness, colour) allows to […]

Car Park

Manufacturing of metal profiles for car park structures. Both the central post and the truss are manufactured with two "C" profiles that are supplied unjoined (they must be welded afterwards). These car parks can be installed in shopping centers, companies or private properties.


Skylights are an ideal solution to achieve natural lighting with zero maintenance and consumption costs. There is the option of supplying pyramidal or parabolic skylights with a wide range of solutions for the opening system. This opening system can be either by means of a crank, by electric opening, remote electric opening, and complete opening […]

Sanitary Profiles

These profiles are used to enclose spaces where a high level of hygiene is necessary, as they help to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the angles formed by the walls. At TAS we offer the following solutions in this regard: Sanitary profile composed of a 25×25 aluminum angle and a 90 mm PVC concave […]

Other Accessories

At TAS you can find a range of complementary solutions detailed below: Swan neck: It is installed on the roof of buildings and is essential for ventilation and expulsion of gases while keeping roof's tightness. Omega profile: this solution can be installed both vertically and horizontally and allows bearing structures for façade systems or false […]
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