Static Aerator

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Product specifications

The TAS static aerator (AIR-TAS) is used to solve the ventilation of industrial warehouses since it allows creating an effective, economical and sustainable static ventilation system since its consumption and maintenance is zero.

The AIR-TAS is fitted lineally along the highest part of the building, normally on the ridge, according to prescribed standards. It requires metal brackets made to match the slope of the roof or the type of building. This is the most widely used system in new buildings given the ease with which it can be installed and fitted on any kind of roof.

AIR-TAS 250 and 500 static aerators can be supplied fully assembled to facilitate assembly and minimize labor time required for installation. In addition, they can be manufactured in pieces for assembly on site with a throat width of up to 3,000 mm. The standard models are:

  • AIR-TAS 250 (option to be supplied factory assembled)
  • AIR-TAS 500 (option to be supplied factory assembled)
  • AIR-TAS 1000 (option supplied factory assembled)
  • AIR-TAS 1200
  • AIR-TAS 3000

At TAS we can manufacture the static linear fan in any color from our stock and its supply includes an anti-bird mesh to prevent the entry of birds.

Operable static aerator

The operable static aerator presents a modification with respect to the AIR-TAS linear static aerator since it has a mechanism through which the air extraction flow that passes through it can be closed or opened. Thus, depending on the ventilation needs of the facilities, the extraction flow can be regulated by activating said mechanism.

croquis aireador practicable

Static polycarbonate aerator

The static aerator with polycarbonate ridge arises from the AIR-TAS linear static aerator and provides luminosity compared to the classic solution. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the upper piece or ridge of the static aerator becomes made of cellular polycarbonate instead of steel, allowing light to pass through and achieving greater luminosity inside the facilities.

This option is only available for AIR-TAS 250 and AIR-TAS 500.

aireador estático policarbonato

Technical specifications


  • DX-51D steel as per UNE-EN 10142
  • Aluminium EN 15088
  • Galvanized EN 10142
  • Galvanized-Precoated EN 10169
  • Oven lacquered EN 12206


Minimum length 1,000 mm.
Base width 250 mm. - 3,000 mm.
* Check out the technical documentation to find out more on extraction capacity.
Características Técnicas
- Materiales
  • Acero tipo DX51D EN 10142
  • Galvanizado EN 10142
  • Galvanizado-Prelacado EN 10169
  • Lacado al horno EN 12206
- Medidas
Largo Mínimo:
Largo Máximo:
Ancho y Espesor Estándar:

Technical documentation


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