Polycarbonate Panel

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Product specifications

Solutions for translucent roofs and facades that facilitate the entry of natural light into the facilities, improving energy efficiency.

The polycarbonate solutions offered by TAS are:

  • Compact polycarbonate: The corrugated and trapezoidal compact polycarbonate sheets are protected from ultraviolet rays and can be used in complete covers or incorporated into any simple or double-skin metallic sheet cladding system.
  • Multi-panel cellular polycarbonate: system designed for industrial solutions available for application on both roofs and facades. It is a mechanical solution with a 100% watertight seal, providing complete waterproofing. Its geometry allows a perfect adaptation to different metal sandwich panels. It is made up of a system of unique, surprisingly light microcells with a unique design.

Technical specifications


Trapezoidal compact polycarbonate MT-32
Maximum lenght 7,000 mm.
Width useful 1,093/1,000 mm.
Thickness 0.9 mm.
Compact polycarbonate corrugated MO-18
Maximum lenght 11,800 mm.
Thickness 1,115/1,071 mm.
Useful width 0.8 mm.
Compact polycarbonate Corrugated
Maximum lenght 7,500 mm.
Useful width 1,100/1,065 mm.
Thickness 0.9 mm.
Cellular polycarbonate multipanel 30 mm
Maximun lenght up to 33 meters
Useful width 1,000 mm.
Thickness 30 mm.
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