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Product specifications

At TAS you can find a range of complementary solutions detailed below:

  • Swan neck: It is installed on the roof of buildings and is essential for ventilation and expulsion of gases while keeping roof's tightness.
  • Omega profile: this solution can be installed both vertically and horizontally and allows bearing structures for façade systems or false ceilings, among other applications.
  • Watertight joint: Polyethylene solution to close the passage of water, air and dirt in the joints between profiles or panels and trims.
  • Base leg: Metal piece to cover and waterproof the base of metal structures or ducts installed on roofs.
  • Tejaflex: Band to cover the water joint on roofs, guaranteeing maximum watertightness. It is completely flexible and can be shaped in any direction.

Check out the technical documentation for additional information.

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