Industrial Wind Aerator

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Product specifications

The industrial wind aerator is installed along the highest part of the builiding and its performance is based on the use of wind energy and in the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the facilities.

The industrial wind aerator is manufactured in aluminium and its base can have a diameter of 400mm or 500mm. This extraordinary size increases the extraction's capacity up to high standards. Due to its lightness the installation is easy and it does not require a tailored base adapted to the roofing.

Main Characteristic of industrial wind aerator

The wing system of the TAS industrial wind extractor is manufactured in a single piece along with the upper plate without the need for rivets, avoiding any breakage and considerably increasing its durability. In addition, it is supplied with a 3-wind kit for a more secure fixation that guarantees full operation even in the face of strong gusts of wind.

On the other hand, the bearings are a key part for the durability of this solution and avoiding breakage or deterioration. The TAS industrial wind aerator has bearings (type S 6002-2RS SNR) made entirely of stainless steel, and also has double fastening at the bottom to guarantee a robust and durable system.

The industrial wind aerator is an ecological solution since it works thanks to the use of wind energy and the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the building. In addition, its manufacture in aluminum - a 100% recyclable metal - helps reinforce the circular economy model.

Advantages of the industrial wind aerator

  • Constant ventilation 24 hours a day.
  • Completely ecological with zero electrical energy consumption.
  • It does not generate noise, helping to maintain a better environment in the workplace.
  • Its lightness greatly facilitates its installation.

Experts in static ventilation systems for industrial warehouses

At TAS we have been advising and manufacturing solutions for the ventilation of industrial warehouses for more than 15 years. We offer personalized advice, as well as the possibility of carrying out a ventilation study based on the characteristics of the building, such as the height from the floor to the roof or the temperature difference with the outside.

If you need advice on the ventilation of your industrial warehouse, do not hesitate and contact us now.

Technical specifications

  • Aluminium EN 15088


Model A Ø máx. B Height C Ø Neck Size Weight kg.
400 700 mm. 550 mm. 400 mm. 10.5
500 900 mm. 720 mm. 500 mm. 13
* Check out the technical documentation to find out more on extraction capacity.
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Technical documentation


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