22 Storey building with aluminium facade deserving leed platinum certification

The Plaza Europa office tower wich stands amongst the heights of Barcelona is a 22 storey building with an outstanding aluminium facade, provided by TAS . This construction has been built under the principles of sustainability , which would mean a leed Platinum certification.

Aluminum facade - Europa Tower (Hospitalet Llobregat)

Conception of an aluminum and glass facade

This 22-story tower designed by L35 Arquitectos has a square base with a 27.5m edge and its facade has been built with a combination of glass and aluminum. Transformados y Accesorios del Sur S.L -TAS- has been the supplier of this aluminum facade -more than 15,000 m^2- for which it has manufactured an architectural profile designed by the architecture team.

Natural, social and dynamic design

The main volume of this office tower is erected in three different bodies —providing slenderness— linked by vertical gardens that blend in with the green of the street, introducing it to the heart of the project. Both the upper terrace and the double-height lobby have gardens that invite you to rest and socialize.

Facade with character and efficiency

A large part of the facade of this building has been built with a metallic aluminum cladding materialized from an architectural profile manufactured by TAS. This architectural aluminum profile has a thickness of 1.5 mm and a 25 micron powder paint layer in RAL 7022 color. The detail of this profile is as follows:

As can be seen, this profile has been designed with a "crushed" fold at one of its ends for a better overlap between piece and piece. This in turn allows a hidden support of the profile that gives the facade greater elegance and majesty. Of course, this fastening system offers complete sealing of the coating.

Details that make the difference

In a sector of this impressive aluminium facade, the profile had to be manufactured microperforated due to technical requirements of the project leadership. This has added a complexity to the project that has been overcome by the agility and planning capacity of the manufacturing process of TAS.

Torre Plaza Europa
Perforated aluminum and photovoltaic glass facade

A lasting solution

The Plaza Europa office tower is located less than 3 km from the sea, which forces us to consider the consequences that this may have on the care and durability of the materials used for its parapet.

In this case, TAS has lived up to this requirement by including an international manufacturer of lacquered aluminum in its supply chain. Thanks to the reliability and quality of the product used, a specific guarantee on aluminum paint has been issued for 10 years.


This office tower stands out for the energy efficiency of its aluminium facades. On the one hand, the use of a noble metal such as aluminium, which stands out not only for its insulating capacity and extremely high durability, but also for being a 100% recyclable material, which promotes the circular economy. Specifically, the aluminum used for this construction has a recycled origin of 85%.

The other part of the facade, built with photovoltaic glass, contributes to a reduction in energy demand, generating energy and reducing Co2 emissions into the atmosphere.

This type of innovative and disruptive solutions in modern architecture lay the foundations for the architectural future of buildings in the challenge of progressively having a greater number of sustainable buildings built under the commitments of the 2030 Agenda.

Torre Plaza Europa
aluminium facade
Torre Plaza Europa
aluminium facade close up
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